How to register

To register with Second Warehouse, click the “Register” button in the top right corner on the website and fill out the short form.

When completing the form, remember to include the country code when you enter your mobile number. This is important as you will receive important information such as log-in details and equipment requests via SMS.

In order to provide a reliable and secure service, all companies applying to join Second Warehouse are credit checked by Creditsafe. Results of credit checks are kept strictly confidential.
Following your successful credit check, and usually within 48 hours, we will send you your log-in details so you can get started with Second Warehouse.

Important! Current RMS users should NOT use this form, but register by activating the Second Warehouse integration in Current RMS. Information on how to activate the integration and join Second Warehouse can be found in the menu section “For Current RMS users”.

Adding new users

When an application is sent to join Second Warehouse, it is the company which is actually registered. The person making the initial application is automatically set as a user in the registered company and assigned as system administrator and the default receiver of equipment requests.

The system administrator may then add additional company personnel as Second Warehouse users by going to the “Personnel” tab in “Settings” and entering the new user’s name, email address and mobile phone number.

The system administrator and the default receiver of equipment requests can be changed on the “Personnel” tab.

Please note that there can only be one default receiver of equipment requests at any time, but requests and negotiations may be forwarded between users in the same company as required.