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Now you not only earn money by renting your gear out, you also earn by renting gear IN!
As soon as you are registered, you can start using CashBack to earn real money by renting in equipment through Second Warehouse. How much you earn depends on how often you rent through Second Warehouse or how much equipment you have added to your Second Warehouse inventory.

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Build an equipment list fast!
Using the Second Warehouse search bar, you can quickly build a list containing all the equipment you need.

Type in the name, or part of the name, of an item you’re looking for and choose it from the drop-down list. Enter the quantity you need and the search bar will be ready for you to add another item. Once your list is complete, enter the date you need to receive the gear and the date you will return it using the date entry field.

Choose the search mode that’s right for you.
Whether you’d rather leave it to us, take full control, or you need to solve that last-minute panic, we’ve got the search mode that’s right for you.

I’m busy! Get quotes for me
When you’re busy, you don’t have time to waste ringing round or sending numerous emails looking for gear. Instead, just tell us what you need, hit the “I’m busy!” button, and we’ll do the searching for you.

We’ll find suppliers and ask them to get back to you with quotes while you get back to more important matters. When the quotes start coming in, you’re free to negotiate with as many suppliers as you like until you have everything you need.

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Let me choose suppliers
If you’d rather take full control over your equipment request, use the “Let me choose suppliers” button.

“Let me choose suppliers” allows you to select which suppliers your equipment requests will be sent to and gives you complete freedom to modify requests. You can send offers to multiple suppliers, discuss transport, modify time limits and send messages and documents globally or to individual suppliers.

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You’re on tour and the console power supply goes down! You must find a new one from somewhere for tomorrow’s gig. What do you do?

– Tell Second Warehouse what you need and hit the SOS button!

An email and SMS will send your urgent request to every relevant Second Warehouse supplier located close to the delivery address, asking them to get back to you with a quote within twelve hours.

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Gear Finder
If you’re looking for something which no supplier has yet entered into their Second Warehouse inventory, no problem! Our intelligent Gear Finder system will search for potential suppliers among the hundreds of Second Warehouse user companies. No matter which search mode you choose, Gear Finder is there to help you find what you’re looking for, saving you hours or days of asking around.

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Preferred users! Now it’s even easier to rent from your regular suppliers.
Set your regular suppliers as Preferred users and they will always be the first companies we contact in Gear Finder searches and when you hit the “I’m busy” button.

Now you can ask your regular suppliers for the equipment you need but also get options in case they are unable to supply – all at the same time and all with one click! Since you can also send messages of unlimited length, pictures or documents along with your requests, there’s really no need to waste time on the phone or sending those emails anymore.

Relax too, knowing that receiving requests from you through Second Warehouse won’t cost your regular suppliers anything extra. Transactions between Preferred users are always commission-free!

Rentals between Preferred users are not eligible for Cashback payments.

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No more misunderstandings! Use the Second Warehouse Messaging service.
Negotiate deals, discuss transport options or simply chat with multiple suppliers without ever leaving Second Warehouse. Exchange documents, web links or pictures too.

For reference, a full record of the messaging between users is provided to both parties following Handshake.

Share pictures and documents!
Renters and suppliers often need to share pictures or documents. Maybe to give specific details regarding a piece of gear, or to provide ID material for insurance purposes. Documents and pictures can now be easily exchanged using the Second Warehouse Messaging service.
Pay only when you earn!
Suppliers pay a low commission on the rental price agreed with the renter at the time of Handshake. – The more you use Second Warehouse, the less commission you pay.

Details of user status and commission levels

Displaying prices in search results
Displaying prices in search results is completely optional. Any prices displayed are not binding and should be treated as a guide only. Renters and suppliers are free to negotiate in order to come to an agreed price.

When prices are displayed, the pricing scheme (price per day, per week, 3 or 4 day week etc) is also indicated.

Should they wish to display prices, suppliers can set item prices in their Second Warehouse inventory. Pricing schemes are set on the Preferences tab.

Receiving CashBack payouts
CashBack payouts are made twice per year, on or around 1st March and 1st September. Payouts will be made either to your PayPal account or to a nominated bank account.

In order to avoid expensive transaction charges levied by banks, we strongly suggest using PayPal for receiving CashBack payouts.

Please be aware that, should you choose to have CashBack payouts transferred to a bank account, bank charges will be deducted from the CashBack payout total.

Suppliers invoice renters directly for the rented equipment, exactly as they would with a sub-hire arranged traditionally via phone, email or other means. Second Warehouse does not invoice on behalf of suppliers.
Commission payments
Second Warehouse will invoice the supplier for any due commission following completion of the rental. In order to avoid expensive transaction charges levied by banks, we strongly suggest using PayPal for the payment of commissions. Please be aware that, should you choose to make commission payments by bank transfer, bank charges will be added to the commission amount.
Suppliers are responsible for making sure that their equipment is fully insured, exactly as they would with a sub-hire arranged in a traditional manner.

Terms and conditions