Instructions to beta testers

Below are the steps which must be carried out successfully in order to complete the testing. However, testers are encouraged to try steps other than those listed here. Feel free to click on items randomly or to carry out actions in a different order.
Do your best to crash the system!

Remember to report any issues using the online chat service which you will find in the bottom right corner of every Second Warehouse screen.


Let’s start with an easy one. Check you received an SMS notification regarding your welcome email. If not, please go to the Second Warehouse beta test server and let us know using the online help chat.


Next, follow the instructions in this video to set up your Second Warehouse account correctly.


Now, pair your allocated dummy items in Second Warehouse by following the instructions in this video.


Using dummy items, create a few Opportunities in Current RMS, some of which should include intentional shortages.


Launch Second Warehouse from the Current RMS Actions menu and send requests to resolve shortages. Report any steps you find confusing etc. Remove video.


Can’t use! jobs list. Carry out negotiations with other beta testers. (Note: only other beta testers will appear in your search results). Check the instructions in this video.


Send and receive messages during negotiations.


Handshake negotiations and check that the confirmation pdf document is received and is correct.


After “Handshaking” negotiations where you rent-in dummy items, check that shortages have been resolved in Current RMS and that the sub-rent supplier has been set correctly.


After “Handshaking” negotiations where you supply dummy items, check the Opportunity Draft has been converted to an Order in Current RMS and that the Deal Price is correct.


Can’t use! Upload dummy Default company documents to Second Warehouse by following the instruction video. (Terms and conditions, ID requests or any standard docs you may send regularly to renters).


Send and receive Default company docs during one or more negotiations.


Cancel a negotiation and provide a reason for the cancellation.


Give a star rating for the other party involved in a negotiation. (You will receive an email regarding star rating 48 hours after the completion date.)


Check all instructional material and videos. Are they clear and easy to follow?


Successfully complete at least three negotiations with no bugs or issues.


Test and evaluate other functionality or features as they arise.
That’s it!

Our servers will monitor your progress during testing.

When you have successfully completed all test steps, you will receive notification of your Second Warehouse user status upgrade.

Thanks again for your participation

Happy testing! 🙂

Second Warehouse