The Jobs List

The Jobs List provides a clear overview of the current status of all your rentals, supplies and negotiations.

Get fast access to the details of any job, simply by clicking on the job and opening the Job Window.
For example, clicking an incoming rental will open the Job Window and list the names of all the suppliers who you have asked for quotes. Click on a supplier’s name and the Negotiation Window will display the current status of that negotiation, including the latest quote received, the latest offer you may have sent and any messaging with the supplier.
Use the persistent message box at the bottom of the Negotiation Window to discuss transport, equipment details, send documents or pictures, or simply to chat.

Messages and documents can be sent to all suppliers related to a job by clicking the button at the top of the Job Window.

During busy periods, you may have multiple negotiations ongoing at the same time and you may be receiving regular messages and updates. The Jobs List ensures you never lose track by moving the most recently updated jobs to the top of the list and marking them with a flashing “Update” icon. Simply click on the job to open the Job Window and get the latest update.