To familiarise yourself with how Second Warehouse works, try sending a request for dummy items to yourself using “Self test”.


When Self test is activated, you and your Second Warehouse inventory will appear in search results. You can then select yourself as a supplier and get a real feel for how Second Warehouse works by acting as both renter and supplier in test negotiations. 

We suggest using the dummy items described below when carrying out Self test negotiations.

The Second Warehouse equipment reference database contains 20 “dummy” items, named as different coloured Jelly Beans in order to avoid any confusion with real world equipment.
Dummy items are named using the following format:
2W (colour) Jelly Bean test item (number).
Example: 2W Red Jelly Bean test item 1.

To get started

  • Log in to Second Warehouse and use the Menu to navigate to your Second Warehouse inventory.

  • In the “Add new items” field, type “Jelly Bean”. Select a Jelly Bean type from the drop down list to add it to your inventory and enter how many you want to allocate to Second Warehouse.

  • Repeat this process to add more Jelly Beans to your inventory. Adding prices is optional.

Now go to the Second Warehouse search page (Home page)

  • Click the search bar and enter the name of one of the Jelly Beans you have added to your inventory.

  • Select it from the drop down list and enter a quantity to search for. Repeat this process if you want to add more of your Jelly Beans and build a search list.

  • When your list is complete, enter delivery and return dates and click “Search”.

After a couple of seconds, you will be taken to the search results page.
Since Self test is active, you will see yourself and your own available Jelly Beans listed at the top of the page.

  • Click the Select boxes next to your Jelly Beans to add them to the slide-out Items basket.

  • When you have added one or more Jelly Beans to the basket, click “Send all requests”. You will receive a pop-up confirmation that your requests have been sent.

  • In the pop-up, click “Jobs List” 

Your notification bubble will inform you that you have received a new message and your Jobs list will now contain two new jobs, one as a renter looking for Jelly Beans, and the other as a supplier receiving a request for Jelly Beans.

  • Click on the “supply” job to open it and begin a dummy negotiation.

  • Send offers and quotes back and forth as many times as you like, acting as both renter and supplier.

  • Try sending and receiving messages and documents.

  • Click “Handshake” to finalise the deal and to receive confirmation of your deal by email.

Self test is enabled by default when you start Second Warehouse but can be toggled on or off at any time on your Preferences page in Settings.

Note that you can still send real world requests and negotiate actual deals while Self test is activated. 

No commission payments will be applied when using Self test to negotiate with yourself.