Activate your Current RMS integration and sign up for Second Warehouse. Step-by-step instructions.

Step by step:

1. Log in to Current RMS and go to “System setup”

2. On the system setup page, choose “Integrations”

3. On the Integrations page, click on API

4. To enable your API integrations, click “Yes” under “Enabled” in the top half of the screen. You do not need to enter anything in the “API Keys” section.  Click “Update” and you will be taken back to the API integrations screen.

5. Click on the Second Warehouse logo.

6. Click “Yes” under “Enabled” and then “Apply to join Second Warehouse”. Note that you need to click “Apply to join Second Warehouse” even if you are already registered with Second Warehouse.

7. After clicking “Apply to join Second Warehouse”, you will be presented with a pre-filled form containing your company information. Any empty fields can be left blank but you must enter your mobile phone number including the country code.

By default, you will receive notifications regarding important information such as log-in details and equipment requests by SMS.
SMS notifications can be disabled later on your Settings page.

If your company is already registered with Second Warehouse, click “Yes” in the appropriate box at the bottom of the form.

Click “Apply”.

All new companies applying to join Second Warehouse will be credit checked by Creditsafe. Clicking “Apply” will start the credit checking and registration process.

Usually within 24 hours, you will receive an email containing your Second Warehouse log-in details. Please take a few minutes to check out the information videos and articles for Current RMS users. These contain useful information to help you get up and running quickly with Second Warehouse.