We’ve all been there.

You’re out on tour, miles away from the warehouse, and an essential piece of gear suddenly breaks down during the show. You scramble around and fix things temporarily, but now you absolutely must find a replacement for tomorrow night’s gig.

Now Second Warehouse is here to help you out, with the introduction of a much-requested feature – SOS mode.

Simply use the search bar to find what you need, enter the dates you need it and the address where you need the equipment delivered, and hit the SOS button!

We will send an “Urgent!” SMS and email to every relevant Second Warehouse supplier located in the area of the delivery address, telling them of your emergency and asking them to get back to you within twelve hours.

A minute or so after you have sent the SOS, you will receive a list of the companies we have contacted for you so you can start monitoring their replies.

The chances are that if you send an SOS request at the end of the gig, you could well have offers of help waiting for you on your mobile when you get out of your bunk on the bus in the morning, so you can start discussing getting the gear delivered to you over breakfast in catering.

SOS mode is also great for rental companies when they have to find gear for those last-minute rider changes.