Preferred users can do business with each other as often as they like in Second Warehouse – completely free of charge!

So if you have companies who you regularly rent equipment to and from, it makes sense to set them as “Preferred users”. 

Preferred suppliers always appear at the top of search results so you can quickly see if they are able to supply what you need before considering other options.

Preferred user status is a mutually agreed and shared status between two companies. 

To request Preferred user status, go to the User list and click the appropriate box in the “Preferred” column. A request to share Preferred user status will be sent to the company by email. If the request is accepted you will be informed that Preferred user status has been set.

Preferred user conditions

  • A company can share Preferred user status with a maximum of two companies at any time. 
  • Preferred user status must be mutually agreed and shared by the companies concerned. 
  • Only one change of Preferred users is allowed during any twelve month period.
  • Preferred user transactions are commission-free.