Instructions to beta testers

Thank you for taking part in the Second Warehouse/Current RMS integration beta testing program.
This document contains important information about the test program. Please read it thoroughly before proceeding with testing.

By taking part in this testing, you will be the first users in the world to experience the unique integration of two of the Pro AV rental industry’s most powerful software platforms. This integration promises to make the working day of every Current RMS user easier, more efficient and more profitable.

As a thank you for your participation, companies who complete all steps of testing as described will be granted Established user status in Second Warehouse. Established users pay only 5% commission when supplying equipment rather than the Basic rate of 8%.

In addition, testing companies who go on to rent in actual equipment at least ten times within three months of the official integration launch date will be granted Premium status. Premium users pay only 3% commission when supplying equipment.
All Current RMS users receive 3% CashBack on the agreed price when renting in equipment so Premium users who rent in regularly could effectively display and supply their equipment through Second Warehouse for free!

Second Warehouse/Current RMS
integration features

The integration of Second Warehouse with Current RMS brings a host of unique and exclusive features to Current RMS users

  • Access to Second Warehouse directly from Current RMS
  • Equipment request lists created automatically in Second Warehouse from shortages reported by Current RMS
  • Dates and delivery addresses added automatically to Second Warehouse searches
  • Find and choose potential equipment suppliers in seconds
  • Send messages, documents and offers to multiple suppliers easily without leaving the Current RMS/Second Warehouse environment
  • Stock levels, availability and pricing of Current RMS items updated in Second Warehouse automatically, no user input required
  • Confirmed sub-rentals created for you automatically in Current RMS
  • Reduced rental costs! Current RMS users receive 3% CashBack on the agreed price when renting equipment through Second Warehouse

Introduction to the testing

In order to fully test the Second Warehouse/Current RMS integration, you will need to complete all of the beta test steps as outlined further down this page.
If at any time something breaks or freezes, or if an action produces a strange or unexpected result, please report the issue using the online chat service which you will find in the bottom right corner of every Second Warehouse screen.

Note that the user experience is under test equally as much as the technical operation so if something is unclear or confusing, please report it.

Feedback can be as detailed or as brief as you like. If you notice an issue but you are short of time, it’s much better to send a quick, one sentence report than no report at all.

Remember there are no stupid questions and no issue is too small or trivial to report.

Also, feel free to use the chat service to provide suggestions as to how we can make Second Warehouse or the integration with Current RMS work even better for you. Our goal is to become your go-to choice whenever you need extra equipment.

About the beta test

To ensure that beta testing does not interfere with real world operations, the testing will be carried out on Second Warehouse and Current RMS beta test servers.
To access Second Warehouse during beta testing, such as when pairing items or uploading documents, do not use, please use the following link:

Beta testing will be carried out using dummy items, named so as to have no relationship whatsoever to the normal operations of a Pro AV rental company. The dummy items have been named as different coloured “Jelly Beans” with the  manufacturer’s set name as “2W”. Each has been allocated a test item number.

2W Red Jelly Bean test item 1
2W Yellow Jelly Bean test item 4
2W Brown Jelly Bean test item 13

Each beta tester will be allocated five test items which they will add to their Current RMS test inventory. Testers are free to invent their own virtual stock levels and price structures for each of the items.

Beta testers will be provided with a unique url to their Current RMS test account.

Prior to testing, any previously existing test accounts or registrations will be reset to allow testing of the entire process, from initial registration to the completion of jobs.

The beta test steps

Listed below are the minimum steps which must be carried out successfully in order to complete the testing. However, users are encouraged to try steps other than those listed here. Feel free to click on items randomly or to carry out actions in a different order.
Do your best to crash the system!

1. Access your Current RMS test account by clicking on the unique url provided.

2. Activate your Second Warehouse/Current RMS integration API and apply to join Second Warehouse by following the steps outlined here or watch the video below.

3. Check you receive both the Second Warehouse welcome SMS and email.

4. Follow the links and instructions included in the welcome email to set up your Second Warehouse account correctly.

5. Check all instructional material and videos. Are they clear and easy to follow?

6. Add your dummy test items to your test Current RMS inventory.

7. To rent in and supply Current RMS items they need to be paired with Second Warehouse. To pair your dummy items, log in to the Second Warehouse beta test server here, and pair your dummy items by following the instruction video below.

8. On the Second Warehouse beta test server, upload dummy Default company documents to Second Warehouse (terms and conditions, ID requests or any standard docs you may send regularly to renters) by following the instruction video below.

9. Using dummy items, create a few Opportunities in Current RMS, some of which should include intentional shortages.

10. Launch Second Warehouse from the Current RMS Activities menu and resolve shortages. The full integration video below explains every stage of the process for both renters and suppliers.

11. Carry out dummy negotiations with other beta testers. Note: only other beta testers (beta test companies and Second Warehouse personnel) will appear in your search results.

12. Send and receive messages, pictures and documents during negotiations.

13. Send and receive Default company docs during negotiations.

14. Handshake negotiations and check that the confirmation pdf document is received and is correct.

15. Renters must check that shortages have been resolved in Current RMS and that the sub-rent supplier has been set correctly.

16. Suppliers must check the Opportunity Draft has been converted to an Order in Current RMS and that the Deal Price is correct.

17. Cancel a negotiation and provide a reason for the cancellation.

18. Give a star rating for the other party involved in a negotiation. (You will receive an email regarding star rating 48 hours after the completion date.)

19. Successfully complete at least three negotiations with no bugs or issues.

20. Test and evaluate other functionality or features as they arise.