Old, obscure and difficult to source products not showing up in search results? – we have an answer!
Sometimes, you may search for an item but Second Warehouse is unable to find suppliers who are able to supply it. In many cases, this is simply because a supplier hasn’t got round to adding it to their Second Warehouse inventory yet

Gear finder searches for comparative make/model/type/use products and presents a match of up to 10 suppliers who stock items or brands similar to those you are looking for.

When you click the “Send all requests” button, Gear Finder will send an inquiry to each of these suppliers asking if they are able to supply what you need or if they would like to suggest a possible alternative they have available.

You can de-select a Gear Finder supplier if you don’t want to send an inquiry to them.


Now there’s no need to waste time ringing around looking for the equipment you need, let Second Warehouse’s Gear Finder do the work for you!