Gear Finder

If you’re looking for something which no supplier has yet entered into their Second Warehouse inventory, no problem! Our intelligent Gear Finder system will search for potential suppliers among the hundreds of Second Warehouse user companies. No matter which search mode you choose, Gear Finder is there to help you find what you’re looking for, saving you hours or days of asking around.

Receiving Gear Finder enquiries

If, as a supplier, you receive a Gear Finder enquiry for items which you have in your warehouse stock, you can quickly send a quote back to the renter. If you don’t have those particular items, you are free to suggest alternatives. In both cases, the items will be automatically added to your Second Warehouse inventory for you, ensuring you will be among the first companies contacted next time a renter is looking for those items.

The message box can be used to attach pictures, documents or links to give information to the renter about suggested alternatives.