Second Warehouse goes FREE!!

In these difficult times, we’re doing what we can to help by making the Second Warehouse equipment-finding service completely free!

From now on, if you find yourself needing anything which isn’t in your warehouse, simply use our powerful search engine to find suppliers who can provide what you’re looking for. 

Feel free to contact any of the listed suppliers directly, or save time by using our fast negotiation and messaging system to request quotes, send offers and documents or simply chat with multiple suppliers instantly. 

If you search for something but get no confirmed results, our Gear Finder system will suggest suppliers who can probably help you. Call the suppliers yourself, or even better, with one click you can save time and let Gear Finder send enquiries to all the suggested companies for you.

You’ve probably got something sitting idle in your warehouse which somebody is looking for right now, so if you haven’t already registered with Second Warehouse, do it now. (Registration is free, of course). When things kick back in you will be in good shape to hit the ground running.

To earn money by making your equipment available for rent, go to the Menu, open your Equipment Inventory and start adding your gear. It’s quick and easy to do and your equipment will show up immediately in search results. Add prices, images or whatever additional info you want.

News for Current RMS users!

Whenever an equipment shortage is reported, Second Warehouse can now be launched directly in Current RMS so registered users can find suppliers and resolve those shortages in seconds.

No fees, no commissions! 

Free to search, free to rent, free to supply!

Please note that due to the current situation, Second Warehouse has been moved temporarily to a lower capacity shared server. As a result, occasional slow-downs may occur during times of high traffic.

We apologise for any inconvenience.