We are proud to announce that Second Warehouse is now fully integrated with Current RMS, one of the Pro AV industry’s most popular cloud-based rental management programs.

For Second Warehouse and Current RMS users, Pro AV equipment rental is faster, easier, and more profitable than ever! Many tedious and repetitive tasks, such as creating equipment lists, quotes and bookings are carried out for you automatically. Time wasted waiting for replies from suppliers is cut from hours or days to a matter of seconds, and possibly best of all, you can rent in as much gear as you like, as often as you like – completely free of charge!

Exclusive benefits

Find gear with one click!

Booking a job and finding that you have an equipment shortage usually means a lot of extra work to find the gear you’re missing. But now when you have a shortage, simply click on the Second Warehouse link in the Current RMS “Actions” section and a list of the gear you’re missing will be automatically created for you in Second Warehouse! Details such as dates and delivery addresses are included too, so now all it takes to find that missing gear is one simple click on the Search button.

Get actual availability – instantly!

Within seconds of hitting the Search button, you’ll receive a list of potential suppliers, with Current RMS suppliers listed first. Even better, equipment availability displayed for Current RMS suppliers is the actual availability of the gear on the dates you have set, so now you can say goodbye to those wasted hours, waiting for a reply from a supplier, only to be told: “Sorry, the equipment isn’t available!”
Select and send requests or offers to as many suppliers as you want. Optional messages, documents or transport requests can be added and sent globally to all suppliers or individually.

Sub-Rent Bookings created automatically!

Normally, when you have finally tracked down the equipment you need, you then have to create a sub-hire in your rental software – more time, more typing! But as a Current RMS user, you don’t have to think about that any more! Whenever you “Handshake” and finalise a deal in Second Warehouse, the Sub-Rent Booking will be automatically created in Current RMS for you, saving you time, hassle – and worry.

Quotes created automatically!

For Second Warehouse and Current RMS suppliers, sending a quote couldn’t be faster or easier!

When you receive an equipment request from Second Warehouse, simply fill in the details and hit the “Create & Connect” button and a new Opportunity draft will be created for you automatically in Current RMS. The price is calculated, including any discount scheme you use for that particular customer, and imported to the Second Warehouse quote field. The quote can then be sent immediately or edited as you wish.

No more hassles calculating discounts or creating new Opportunities from scratch – send quotes with one click!

We’ll get you up and running – fast!

In order to rent and supply equipment using Second Warehouse and Current RMS, your Current RMS items need to be “paired” with the actual manufacturer’s English descriptive names, as used by Second Warehouse. (Note that all items must be “paired” even if you use the manufacturer’s original name.) Pairing items is a quick and easy process and you can pair as many items as you wish, whenever you wish.

At Second Warehouse, we understand that rental companies are busy people, so to get you up and running as soon as possible we will pair up to 50 of the most popular items listed in your Current RMS inventory for you as soon as you register with Second Warehouse. – You don’t need to do a thing!