The “Let me choose suppliers” search option gives you complete control over your equipment request.

Open Second Warehouse, build a list of the gear you need and hit the “Let me choose suppliers” button.

You will be presented with a list of suppliers who have added the items you need to their Second Warehouse inventories, confirming that they have those items in stock. Select the suppliers who you wish to ask for quotes. You are free to select as many suppliers as you like.

If you don’t see a supplier listed for any of the items you need, no problem!

Our intelligent Gear Finder system is already working in the background, matching the items you need with potential suppliers. When you hit the “Next step Messaging / Transport” button, the suppliers found by Gear Finder will be listed along with your selected suppliers.

You are free to send information to all suppliers globally using the section at the top of the “Send Requests” page, or individually by clicking on their cards. Individual and global messages will be combined in the supplier’s message box. Pictures and documents can also be sent using the messaging system and there is no limit to message length.

Press the “Send requests” button and after a short while, you should start receiving quotes. You are free to negotiate back and forth with suppliers until you have everything you need. To finalise a deal with a supplier, hit the “Handshake” button. You will then receive pdf confirmation of the transaction and a record of your messaging for reference.

When you have everything you need and you’re happy with the deals you have made, hit the “Finish this rental” button and we will inform all the other suppliers that the request has been filled and is now closed. 

The default time limit for requests is set at seven days but this can be changed as necessary.