Renting in equipment really eats into your job profits so it’s important to get the best deal possible to minimise those costs. Second Warehouse makes a great deal even sweeter with CashBack of up to 3% every time you Handshake a deal. 

With Second Warehouse you save time and money by comparing offers and negotiating with multiple suppliers until you get the price that fits your budget. Once you Handshake the deal, CashBack reduces that cost even further!

From your very first rental, you will get back at least 2% of the rental cost and this can be increased by renting more or by making more of your equipment available for rent through Second Warehouse. 

As you rent equipment in, your CashBack total will accumulate with cash payouts being made every six months around the 1st March and 1st September.

Next time you need to rent equipment, ask yourself if you can afford not to rent through Second Warehouse.

CashBack rates:

  • 2% CashBack to all renters
  • 2.5% CashBack after 10 rentals OR after entering at least 50 popular, qualifying items* into your Second Warehouse inventory
  • 3% CashBack after 20 rentals OR after entering at least 100 popular, qualifying items* into your Second Warehouse inventory

*Second Warehouse reserves the right to evaluate whether equipment entered satisfies requirements

  • Commission-free transactions, such as rentals from Preferred users, are not eligible for CashBack payments
  • CashBack payments will be paid for completed rentals after commission from the supplier has been received. CashBack due on rentals for which commission has not yet been received will be carried over to the following period.