Second Warehouse COO, Lars Kjebekk has announced the arrival of the Second Warehouse 2.0 engine. The new engine brings with it a host of operational upgrades aimed at simplifying the rental process while maintaining the flexibility required for multiple suppliers and split inventory fulfilment.

Many of the updates have been planned or have come about from our user base feedback and suggestions.

“We implemented a feedback and reporting tool on the website whereby users can directly send us screenshots and mark up things they believe could be improved. This has resulted in us being able to gather data very efficiently and act accordingly,” Kjebekk says. “We have a lot of new functions and features planned but we need to deliver them in the right way while maintaining ease of operation and familiarity”.

New features in the 2.0 engine include search optimisations, multiple supplier selection tools (shopping cart functionality), simplified negotiation screens, direct and global messaging, Rental Management software API functionality, and Self Test negotiations, to name but a few.

Users familiar with Second Warehouse prior to the 2.0 engine release have been very positive regarding the new upgrade, mentioning specifically how responsiveness has been improved and how the system has been simplified, despite retaining very complex functionality.

“I really do believe Second Warehouse is about to become a global standard in this area of the market and we are excited to interact even more with our user base in the future.” says Simeon Ludwell, Rental Rejuvenator at Second Warehouse.

Over the coming months Second Warehouse will be rolling out training sessions and on boarding assistance so we can help get people get up to speed and using the system as effectively as possible.