Never miss a rental opportunity: introducing SMS alerts

In order to make sure you never miss a rental opportunity or important account information, Second Warehouse is introducing SMS alerts.

SMS alerts will now be sent to a user’s registered mobile number to inform them that they have received an email from Second Warehouse including critical information such as equipment requests, negotiation updates or account log-in details. The user can then check that the email hasn’t been diverted and hidden away in a ‘Spam’ or ‘Promotions’ folder.

In some cases, the user will be able to access the message directly from the SMS by clicking on the included link.

Please be aware that SMS alerts will only ever be sent in conjunction with important communications and will never accompany regular news or promotions newsletters.

Users are, of course, free to opt-out of receiving SMS alerts, but before doing so, we ask you to “whitelist” Second Warehouse to ensure that future mails will be received correctly in your inbox.