Second Warehouse is now available on Android and iOS mobile and tablets as a Progressive Web App (PWA).

Progressive Web Apps are a new way to access mobile content and feature several advantages over conventional downloads from app stores.

Features of the Second Warehouse PWA:

  • Cross-platform
  • Features the same full functionality as desktop version
  • Fast and easy to install, no app store required
  • Requires very little space on your device (KBs rather than MBs)
  • Always and automatically updated – no more annoying app update prompts
  • Secure (https only)
  • We recommend using Chrome, Samsung or Firefox browsers on Android phones and Safari on iOS devices
  • Support for Android tablets coming soon

Please note that PWA push notifications are not yet supported by iOS. Second Warehouse will deliver notifications to iOS users by email until this feature is implemented by Apple (coming soon).

Second Warehouse. Pro AV cross-rental made easy.

How to install Second Warehouse on your Android Device:

How to install Second Warehouse on your iOS Device: